Solar Power Lighting System
Suntech Solar System accompanies the best Solar Power Lighting System dealer in Mumbai offering the best Solar Home Lighting System saddles the vitality of the sun for illuminating the home and for driving your machines as well. Explore its benefits and features.

Home lighting solar systems are the fixed installations designed for the domestic application. The components of the solar lighting system include solar PV module (solar cells), charge controller, solar battery and lighting system (lamps & fans). Easy Suntech home solar lightening module is installed in the open on roof/terrace - exposed to sunlight and the charge controller and battery are kept inside a protected place in the house. We manufacturer and supplier home lighting solar system, solar home lighting system, home solar lighting system, home lighting system.
Key Features :
1) System consists of III Solar module 12v 8 watt
2) Battery 12v 7 Ah
3) 3watt led luminary with dc to dc constant current circuitry more than 85% efficiency constant light output
4) Mobile charger with an optional
5) Operation 3-4 hours
6) Autonomy 2 days
7) Low battery cut
8) Electronic Blocking (To protect against the reverse polarity connection of PV panel and prevent current from battery to panel at night time)
9) Temperature compensation for better battery charging for various climate and terrain
10) Battery reverses polarity protection with fuse
11) 3/4 LED indication systems for system and battery status
12) Efficient Overcharge and deep discharge protection
13) Electronic overload protection avoiding blowing of fuse except in reverse battery
14) Short circuit protection on load side
15) Multi-level overload protection.
With the focal points that fit in your financial plan just as suits your condition, the best Solar Home Lighting System isn't just an affordable arrangement however an effective and a solid one moreover. Providing brightening that is fueled by the sustainable power source of the sun, the sun based cells joined in the framework changes the vitality of the sun to the power. This power is safeguarded in the battery and is utilized to illuminate space at whatever point required. The best home lighting is very conservative, effectively mountable and compact. These frameworks are made for household applications. The segments of this framework incorporate the sunlight based cells, sun based battery, charge controller, lights and fans. 

Benefits of Choosing Solar Lighting

Sun lights systems provide security and illumination in wanted areas while grid electricity is inconceivable or highly-priced to carry to a domain, wherein a enterprise is looking for a grid opportunity to exhibit their green initiative, or for corporations looking to get LED factors for a brand new task installation. solar lighting fixtures are a brilliant alternative and a fee powerful answer for tasks like this due to the fact that there isn’t plenty for installation expenses and 0 expenses to trench in the grid electricity.

1 - Green alternative - Solar lighting is a green alternative to traditional lighting using no power at all from the grid. because the systems are absolutely powered by means of sun electricity, one of the world’s main renewable power technology. The sun feeds batteries at some stage in the day and maximum batteries are absolutely recyclable, in particular those used in a solar software. At night, the long lasting LED fixtures function off the saved electricity to light up the location. the following day, this process repeats and not using a outdoor power source.

2 - Maintenance Free -The systems are practically maintenance free, specially for the reason that the use of LED fixtures has emerge as more popular with a 20+ year lifespan on LED lighting fixtures. With correct set up, protection on a commercial sun lights device consists of the batteries every five to seven years. 
at the same time as making the battery alternate, finishing a visible take a look at of the sun panel’s glass and mild fixture, cleaning of any components is likewise endorsed. 

3 - Zero Light Bills - ultimately, there are no electric strength payments related to using sun. The upfront costs of a a commercial gadget may be intimidating, however the basic financial savings can without problems be shown whilst compared to the above reasons. There are also financial incentives to lessen the initial expenses of the solar system while handling industrial structures, for more products visits online at -

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